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I am the Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from upstate New York District 21, #NY21.

On April 11, 2018, our team delivered enough signatures to put me on the Green Party line for the November 8 election.

Great work team! We are making history. We Will Send A Green to Congress!

I have five priorities for District 21:

  1. Expand Health Care, Lower Costs
  2. Grow Green Jobs
  3. Solve Veterans’ Complaints (Transform the VA)
  4. Transform Family Law
  5. Protect and Repair our Environment

I share these Values: Grassroots Democracy; Strong and Healthy Communities; Meaningful Work; Respect for Diversity; Fairness and Equal Justice under the Law; Ecological Wisdom; and Peacebuilding.

Please read more by clicking on the 5 Priorities tab on the top navigation bar. The Get Involved tab lets you Volunteer, Spread the Word or Sign Up, with a special link for Media Requests.  My Blog includes links to published articles presenting strategic plans and roadmaps to serve and grow upstate New York today.

As of July 1, 2018, my posts and blogs center on strategic plans and roadmaps that drive solutions to complicated problems, specifically in upstate New York. Read and understand why they call me "The Government Mechanic."

Please join our campaign by clicking on Get Involved then Volunteer. And of course, we appreciate donations of any size up to the personal limit of $2,700. The Green Party accepts no corporate or PAC money, we rely on small donations from regular folks like you.  Thank you.

Lynn S Kahn, Ph.D.

P.O Box 532

Schroon Lake, NY 12870

For more information:

Email: Lynn@voteLynn2018.com





LinkedIn: Lynn S Kahn at







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    Congressional Candidate Kahn (G) Delivers Plan for Vibrant Family Farm Economy

    Congressional Candidate Kahn (G) Delivers Plan for Vibrant Family Farm Economy   Green Party Congressional Candidate NY-21 Dr. Lynn S Kahn (G) releases 2018-2020 Strategic Plan to Build Vibrant Family Farm Economy
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    Congressional Candidate Kahn (G) Adds Foster Care to Family Separations

    Congressional Candidate Kahn (G) Adds Foster Care to Family Separations Green Party Congressional Candidate Dr. Lynn S Kahn releases video clip and article about hundreds of thousands of forced family separations when children – including newborns – are taken by state agencies and put in foster care. They join children hurt by divorce or custody decisions amid the pain of parental alienation.
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    New Doctrine for War and Peacebuilding

    As the Green Party candidate in upstate NY21, sharing the values of justice and peacebuilding, I stand by the doctrine for war and peacebuilding in the 21st century I've summarized in these five operating principles
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    Veteran Suicide, Moral Injury and Five Promises

    Based on a speech delivered by Dr. Kahn to Veterans in Politics, International Las Vegas, Nevada 8/27/2015      How do we begin to have the conversations that will lead us in the direction of fulfilling the promises we have made to our soldiers and veterans? We have heard the facts and read the personal stories: 22 American veterans commit suicide every day
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    Transforming Veterans Affairs: A Plan and a Kick in the Pants

    Based on a speech delivered by Dr. Kahn to Veterans in Politics, International Las Vegas, Nevada 8/27/2015        The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a whole system is failing miserably and the culture of the Department and all its facilities is miserably dysfunctional. Yes, there are some wonderful, skillful and dedicated professionals in VA medical centers, outpatient clinics, community-based clinics (“storefront vet centers”) and veterans’ nursing homes. Yes, a few VA health facilities provide high-quality care. Yes, the VA has a history of research into the signature injuries of war – most recently prosthetics for amputated limbs and Traumatic Brain Injury. Yes, a new administration has voiced commitment to solving identified problems. However, the VA is a deeply flawed Department and only a true system-wide transformation of how we provide care and benefits to our veterans will bring meaningful change. This article summarizes the VA problems, recommends a powerful transformational approach, and ends with a “kick in the pants” action to jumpstart change.
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    Justice Reform in America: An Action Plan

    America has a problem with violence – we create too much of it here at home and export too much of it around the world. As an independent candidate for President of the United States, my solutions for reducing and preventing violence are the heart of my campaign platform - Fix Government, Build Peace.  My action plan is a comprehensive approach to reduce and prevent violence; transform law enforcement into a community policing model that uses best practices to build stronger communities; repair the damage done by our broken justice systems; and rebuild trust in justice and law enforcement in America so together we can improve public safety.
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