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I'm delighted to be in all 4 Congressional debates. Here's the schedule:

Thursday, October 18 at 7 PM - League of Women Voters, Lake George High School, Open to the Public

Tuesday, October 23 at 2 PM - Mountain Lake PBS - Streamed on mountainlake.org (aired later in the week on TV)

Monday, October 29 at 2 PM - Spectrum TV - aired later in the week,  link at http://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/capital-region

Tuesday, October 30 at 1 PM - WWNYTV debate - aired later in the week on TV, link at http://www.wwnytv.com/

Check out my articles and interviews on the Blog. Help us in the weeks before the election at Get Involved then Volunteer. And please Donate -- we appreciate donations of any size. We accept no corporate or PAC money, we rely on small donations from regular folks like you and me.  Thank you.

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    North Country Economic Powerhouse and Hydrogen Fuel

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 16, 2018 Kahn will fight for hydrogen fuel  Schroon Lake, NY – Climate change is real. The latest report from the United Nations concludes we have 12 years to make significant changes before our way of life disappears. Dr. Lynn Kahn (G – Schroon Lake), a congressional candidate for NY-21, is brutally honest. “Climate change means more killer hurricanes, longer droughts, worse crop failures, new diseases and super bugs while centuries-old bacteria thaw out and infect us once again. This is Zero Hour for Mother Earth and we have run out of time.” Dr. Kahn calls these symptoms of climate change a national security risk.  “The Pentagon already tracks rising sea levels, warming temperatures and melting Arctic ice to protect naval bases and coastline installations. Around the world, dried up lakes, crop failures and famines bring more conflict and war. Here at home, we will soon see climate refuges from our southern and southwest states move north.” The future congresswoman of the North Country believes we are making progress generating electricity from renewable sources, the challenge is transportation. She has concluded that hydrogen fuel can solve the transportation problem, reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.  Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it burns clean with no carbon emissions and the by-product is water. “Our national energy policy is to bury our heads in the sand. Meanwhile, the rest of the industrialized world is investing in hydrogen fuel production,” Dr. Kahn continues. “Switzerland manufactures hydrogen fuel along Swiss rivers and is building out a network of hydrogen fueling stations. Canada and Australia inked a new partnership for hydrogen production using on-site solar energy. South Korea is about to invest nearly $80 million in hydrogen production. Germany just rolled out the world’s first hydrogen fueled commuter train. China is manufacturing hydrogen fuel in a corridor along the Yangtze River and building the infrastructure for 30,000 hydrogen fueled vehicles. Just last month, 25 European nations pledged to increase the use of hydrogen fuel to power industry, drive cars and heat homes. Dr. Kahn insists District 21 is perfectly situated along the St. Lawrence River for hydrogen fuel production. “Here in the North Country, we can build an economic powerhouse with decades of new jobs that will combat climate change and attract young families to our healthy and beautiful region. It’s time for New York to lead the nation into the next generation of clean energy, this time blending large scale manufacturing and environmental responsibility.”  
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    Kahn Supports Medicare for All with 8 Amendments

    Press Release 10-9-18 KAHN SUPPORTS MEDICARE 4 ALL WITH 8 AMENDMENTS Schroon Lake, NY – With health care a significant topic in the North Country, and Congresswoman Stefanik’s (R-Willsboro) detrimental vote in May of 2017 for H.R.1628 American Health Care Act, the campaign trail for Green candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn (G-Schroon Lake) has turned into a concrete plan upon entering Congress. Dr. Kahn fully supports H.R.676 Expanded & Improved Medicare For All, and would strengthen the bill with a few of her own amendments as well as a realistic roadmap. “I have proposed 8 amendments to the original bill I would like to deliver to the House when I’m elected. We need to ensure that the expansion of Medicare preserves the current networks of providers and services,” stated Dr. Kahn. “I would also want clarification that mental health services include family counseling & reunification, services specific to victims of violence, and peer support services.” A poll conducted in August of 2018 by Reuters-Ipsos showed 70 percent of Americans favor a single-payer healthcare system. Another study in the same month by libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center at George Mason University stated healthcare costs under Medicare For All would decrease by $2 trillion by 2031. H.R.676 currently has 123 co-sponsors. Below are Kahn's 8 amendments. A recent article details how these amendments would be part of a focused roadmap to universal healthcare. Roadmap to Universal Healthcare  
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    Endorsement by Farm Women United

    FARM WOMEN UNITED ENDORSES DR. KAHN FOR NY-21 Schroon Lake, NY – After reviewing the agricultural policies supported by Congressional candidates in NY-21, Farm Women United has endorsed Green Party candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn for her strong stance and understanding of North Country farmers, especially dairy farmers. Farm Women United, a national network started in Pennsylvania, was organized by farm women no longer willing to be ignored or silenced by the powerful special interests currently controlling our nation’s farm and food policies. “Dr. Kahn will meet with and listen to the actual victims of criminal, federal dairy and trade policies. Those victims are the real dairy farmers  I like to call the blue-collar farmers,” stated Brenda Cochran, President of Farm Women United. “Blue-collar farmers are the backbone of our dairy farming communities.” Congresswoman Stefanik voted for the 2018 Farm Bill which favors consolidated, industrialized farms over local, family farmers. “Congresswoman Stefanik is out of touch with our dairy farmers, and beholden to big business, not real farmers. She has had the power for nearly four years to set a fair price for farm milk and has not done that,” said Dr. Kahn. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Farm Women United. When elected, I will demand a $20 per (hundred pounds) floor price for milk used for manufacturing and Congressional hearings on milk pricing from the point of view of real working farmers.” Dr. Kahn has also been endorsed by Veterans In Politics International. Website: https://www.farmwomenunited.org/ Contact: Paul Paterakis, Press Secretary, 518-833-4580 votelynn2018.com
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    Press Release 9_7_18 Road Map to Stop Everyday Poisons

    PRESS RELEASE Road Map for Everyday Poisons Green Party Congressional Candidate Kahn Delivers Roadmap for “Everyday Poisons” Where: Cambridge, NY, in the Gazebo, near the Library When: September 7, 2018, 12:30 PMWhat: Green Party Congressional Candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn condemns Everyday Poisons and PFAS and delivers Roadmap for change
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    Endorsement by Veterans in Politics, International

    On July 21, I was endorsed by Veterans in Politics, International with these words: Veterans in Politics, International proudly endorses Dr. Lynn S. Kahn for US Congresswoman District 21 for the Great State of New York. Dr. Kahn is the fabric of America, she is educated, an entrepreneur and dedicated in the spirit of American pride. Dr. Kahn is a great supporter of our military veterans and she knows how important it is to have judicial reform, especially in our Family Court System. We take great pleasure to endorse Dr. Kahn and we hope the voters in New York’s District 21 would unite with us and elect this great American.
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    New Doctrine for War and Peacebuilding

    As the Green Party candidate in upstate NY21, sharing the values of justice and peacebuilding, I stand by the doctrine for war and peacebuilding in the 21st century I've summarized in these five operating principles
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    Veteran Suicide, Moral Injury and Five Promises

    Based on a speech delivered by Dr. Kahn to Veterans in Politics, International Las Vegas, Nevada 8/27/2015      How do we begin to have the conversations that will lead us in the direction of fulfilling the promises we have made to our soldiers and veterans? We have heard the facts and read the personal stories: 22 American veterans commit suicide every day
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    Transforming Veterans Affairs: A Plan and a Kick in the Pants

    Based on a speech delivered by Dr. Kahn to Veterans in Politics, International Las Vegas, Nevada 8/27/2015        The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a whole system is failing miserably and the culture of the Department and all its facilities is miserably dysfunctional. Yes, there are some wonderful, skillful and dedicated professionals in VA medical centers, outpatient clinics, community-based clinics (“storefront vet centers”) and veterans’ nursing homes. Yes, a few VA health facilities provide high-quality care. Yes, the VA has a history of research into the signature injuries of war – most recently prosthetics for amputated limbs and Traumatic Brain Injury. Yes, a new administration has voiced commitment to solving identified problems. However, the VA is a deeply flawed Department and only a true system-wide transformation of how we provide care and benefits to our veterans will bring meaningful change. This article summarizes the VA problems, recommends a powerful transformational approach, and ends with a “kick in the pants” action to jumpstart change.
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    Justice Reform in America: An Action Plan

    America has a problem with violence – we create too much of it here at home and export too much of it around the world. As an independent candidate for President of the United States, my solutions for reducing and preventing violence are the heart of my campaign platform - Fix Government, Build Peace.  My action plan is a comprehensive approach to reduce and prevent violence; transform law enforcement into a community policing model that uses best practices to build stronger communities; repair the damage done by our broken justice systems; and rebuild trust in justice and law enforcement in America so together we can improve public safety.
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