New Doctrine for War and Peacebuilding

As the Green Party candidate in upstate NY21, sharing the values of justice and peacebuilding, I stand by the doctrine for war and peacebuilding in the 21st century I've summarized in these five operating principles Continue reading

Why is Lady Justice Crying?

My 2017 article on The 95% Failure Rate of Foster Care in America began: “The broken-hearted stood up to give witness in Clinton, Iowa on October 8, 2016.” This is where and when my education in family law began. At a Family Reunification Town Hall Meeting, parents and grandparents described the abuses and trauma inflicted by state agencies and courts that take children from loving families and make obscenely wrong-headed decisions about child custody. How could this be?  Follow the money! Continue reading

Tonight I Declared US Ceasefire and Peace Talks Across America

Transcript of my declaration on October 1 2016.  I call for a ceasefire in the United States and peace talks all across America We are in trouble my fellow citizens – our government of the people has failed We the People. Our two-party system is morally bankrupt and financially corrupt. Our political leaders will not work together in service to America. Our media has silenced the voices and stomped on the wisdom of independent candidates and in this way colluded in the breakdown of justice and well being in our beautiful republic. Continue reading

Jailed for the Holidays: Veterans in Prison

By Dr. Lynn S. Kahn and Steve Sanson I am honored to have co-authored this article with Steve Sanson, President of Veterans in Politics International. The headlines can be read every day of the year all across America: 67 year old Vietnam veteran arrested in Florida for shooting weapons in his apartment while high on hallucinogenic drugs 29 year old Iraq war veteran arrested in Oklahoma on aggravated assault and armed robbery; neighbor says: “It was obvious he was struggling and trying to get help through the system” 50 year old ex-Navy Seal arrested after barricading himself in his home and yelling threats; police and SWAT made arrest after 3-hour stand off 25 year old Marine sentenced to 10 years in Texas prison after his “suicide by cop” effort failed and he survived 177 police bullets 26 year old Army sergeant who had been turned away by the Kansas City (Missouri) Veterans Affairs Hospital when he sought treatment for nightmares, post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury was shot and killed by police after he pointed an AK-47 at them. Continue reading

Veteran Suicide, Moral Injury and Five Promises

Based on a speech delivered by Dr. Kahn to Veterans in Politics, International Las Vegas, Nevada 8/27/2015      How do we begin to have the conversations that will lead us in the direction of fulfilling the promises we have made to our soldiers and veterans? We have heard the facts and read the personal stories: 22 American veterans commit suicide every day Continue reading

Transforming Veterans Affairs: A Plan and a Kick in the Pants

Based on a speech delivered by Dr. Kahn to Veterans in Politics, International Las Vegas, Nevada 8/27/2015        The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a whole system is failing miserably and the culture of the Department and all its facilities is miserably dysfunctional. Yes, there are some wonderful, skillful and dedicated professionals in VA medical centers, outpatient clinics, community-based clinics (“storefront vet centers”) and veterans’ nursing homes. Yes, a few VA health facilities provide high-quality care. Yes, the VA has a history of research into the signature injuries of war – most recently prosthetics for amputated limbs and Traumatic Brain Injury. Yes, a new administration has voiced commitment to solving identified problems. However, the VA is a deeply flawed Department and only a true system-wide transformation of how we provide care and benefits to our veterans will bring meaningful change. This article summarizes the VA problems, recommends a powerful transformational approach, and ends with a “kick in the pants” action to jumpstart change. Continue reading

Justice Reform in America: An Action Plan

America has a problem with violence – we create too much of it here at home and export too much of it around the world. As an independent candidate for President of the United States, my solutions for reducing and preventing violence are the heart of my campaign platform - Fix Government, Build Peace.  My action plan is a comprehensive approach to reduce and prevent violence; transform law enforcement into a community policing model that uses best practices to build stronger communities; repair the damage done by our broken justice systems; and rebuild trust in justice and law enforcement in America so together we can improve public safety. Continue reading

A Science of Peacemaking

Reinvention is the key and peacemaking is the heart of today’s revolution For all social conflict, I believe in the overwhelming power of face-to-face dialog. In terms of strategy and actions, building peace requires fixing government. In terms of lifelong transformation, changing hearts and minds only occurs through face-to-face dialog. In this short article, I re-visit the chapter titled “A Science of Peacemaking” from my first (1988) book Peacemaking: A Systems Approach to Conflict Management. Continue reading

The Destructive Core of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Let’s start by defining terms. Trade Promotion Authority – commonly called “Fast Track” – is granted by Congress to the President of the United States so the President or White House officials can negotiate trade agreements anywhere in the world and Congress only gets a yes or no vote. That means trade deals can be fast tracked through the legislative process and no matter how good or bad the deals, there are no changes and no amendments, only the pressure of yes or no votes. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade deal now being negotiated among the United States and 11 other nations that border the Pacific Ocean. It is one of several to be fast tracked if Congress passes Trade Promotion Authority. Fast tracked or not, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a horrible deal for the American public now and far into the future. I have 3 concerns: 1) excessive secrecy; 2) inadequate standards; and 3) how trade deals allow corporations to dominate national interests. Specifically: Continue reading

Five Strategies to Cut One Trillion Dollars of Government Waste

Track 1 promises to get one trillion dollars of waste out of our federal government agencies and use the savings to cut taxes, jumpstart new jobs and invest in our communities. These 5 strategies will fulfill that promise: Require Accountability, Eliminate Duplication, Stop Funding Stupid, Eliminate Fraud and Require Financial Responsibility at the Pentagon. Here are the details: Continue reading