Details for Plan to Save Family Farms

Jul 21, 2018

I am grateful and humbled for the conversations all week with farmers in upstate New York. For the record, here is the updated strategic plan that goes with the article to be published Monday.

2018-2020 Strategic Plan for

Vibrant Family Farm Economy in Upstate New York


Goal 1:  Grow Family Farm Economy in Upstate New York

Strategy 1:  Seek Emergency Government Funds and Financial Relief

  • Set federal floor price at $22 per hundredweight for fluid milk
  • Seek $500 million emergency funds for New York small farms
  • Set 2-year halt in state and local taxes and fees targeting small farms
  • Provide emergency tax credit in January 2019; refund school taxes
  • Provide restitution for failed Margin Protection Program
  • Fund fivefold increase in SNAP benefits used at farms and farmer markets

Strategy 2:  Hold Urgent Federal and State Legislative Hearings to:

  • Agree on Supply Management System and floor price for milk
  • Investigate all fees imposed on small farms after product leaves farm
  • Investigate and improve all elements and uses of milk formulas
  • Deliver farmer-based Farm Bill with attention to saving family farms
  • Challenge anti-dairy and anti-meat assumptions in all farm bills

Strategy 3: Implement Economic Development Plan for Small Farms

  • Fund improvements to agriculture infrastructure for rural towns
  • Expand grant and banking resources to support small farms
  • Support delivery and sale of small farm products at markets and fairs

Goal 2:  Expand Financial and Mental Health Services in Farm Communities

Goal 3:  New York Products in New York Businesses and Schools 

Goal 4: Educate General Public, Grocers, Chefs, Foodies about Family Farms

For more information:

Lynn S Kahn – Green Party Candidate for Congress #NY21