Priority 2: Grow Green Jobs
Build and Expand Green Economy

Living in and near the Adirondacks brings a special bond with the wilderness and the perfecting of many different skill sets. Like many other parts of America we have an urgent need to fix our roads and bridges, to upgrade the weather-resistant construction of our homes and businesses, and to provide world-class services and opportunities to all our residents. At the same time, we have astonishing potential to leverage our skills and natural resources to create new and vibrant industries especially with new green technologies.

In the Adirondack Mountains, we are seeing new investments in recreation, restaurants and microbreweries. Homeowners, businesses are investing in wind, geothermal and solar energy. Our district is sprouting new research hubs – many funded by state incentives. Sharing a border with Canada, we welcome international trade opportunities and discussions on River and Seaway issues and sustainable solutions.

District 21 is home to creativity and innovation throughout our towns, villages and small cities. Yet vibrant, economic development is limited to very few areas such as Lake Placid or along the St. Lawrence Seaway.

My campaign will focus on:

(1) Developing and attracting green, sustainable small businesses and manufacturers to grow local jobs and welcome new families.

(2) Putting in place financial incentives for small businesses such as free hi-speed internet and communications services or funding commercial space for local artists and musicians.

(3) As “the Government Mechanic,” working to lower fees and taxes while eliminating burdensome small business regulations.

(4) Developing our region as a destination for personal and family well-being. Our lakes, mountains, amazingly clean air and water are a healing combination. Potential new programs could focus on recovery for a variety of conditions; or we could help the healing process in families torn apart by the failures of foster care and family court decisions.

(5) Attract nonprofit job training programs such as the U. S. Department of Labor Job Corps Green Program that teaches young people aged 16 to 24 food production including how to prepare the land and grow food, as well as harvest produce and bring it all to local farmers markets. They learn agriculture, sales, marketing, team building, leadership and shared decision making, along with nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Such Job Corps programs in Pittsburgh and the San Francisco Bay Area have taught greenhouse construction, solar and wind technologies.