Priority 2: Grow Green Jobs
Build and Expand Green Economy

Living in and near the Adirondacks brings a special bond with the wilderness and the perfecting of different skill sets. Like many other parts of rural America, we have an urgent need to fix our roads and bridges, to upgrade the weather-resistant construction of our homes and businesses, and to provide world-class services and opportunities to all our residents.

We also have astonishing potential to leverage our skills and natural resources to grow thriving businesses.

In and near the Adirondack Mountains, we see new investments in recreation, hotels, restaurants and microbreweries. Homeowners and businesses are signing up for wind, geothermal and solar energy. Our district is sprouting new research hubs – many funded by state incentives. Sharing a border with Canada, we welcome international trade opportunities and discussions on River and Seaway issues and sustainable solutions.

District 21 is home to creativity and innovation throughout our towns, villages and small cities. Yet vibrant, economic development is limited to very few areas such as Lake Placid or along the St. Lawrence Seaway. Tourism fails when the roads are terrible.

Agriculture is a major component of upstate New York’s economy, history and culture. Sadly, our family farms are pressured by falling commodity prices, then challenged by infrastructure and bureaucratic failures. We need creative solutions and community input to build a more vibrant family farm economy in upstate New York. LSK

On July 1, I released my strategic plan to grow a vibrant family farm economy in upstate New York. The plan has four goals:

Goal 1:  Grow Vibrant Family Farm Economy calls for emergency government relief, legislative hearings, a written North Country Family Farm Economic Plan and funds to deliver and staff tables highlighting Adirondack products at major fairs and festivals.

Goal 2: Strengthen Community Support and Resources intends to map and expand banking resources and mental health services specifically for family farms.

Goal 3:  Strengthen Partnerships with Community, Government and Business seeks stronger presence in New York food-related businesses and markets.

Goal 4: Improve Communication includes both educational and marketing actions.


As of July 1, my campaign team and my Congressional office will work on:

(1) Financial and strategic support for existing Adirondack businesses, especially family farms

(2) Attracting new, green, sustainable businesses to grow local jobs; survey local needs for workers

(3) Local plans to welcome new families

(4) An #NY21 plan to guarantee hi-speed internet and shared commercial space

(5) As “the Government Mechanic,” work to lower fees and taxes while eliminating burdensome regulations.

(6) Develop the Adirondacks as a destination for personal and family well-being. Our lakes, mountains, amazingly clean air and water are a healing combination. Potential new programs could focus on recovery for a variety of situations.

(7) Attract nonprofit job training programs such as the U. S. Department of Labor Job Corps Green Program that teaches young people aged 16 to 24 food production, harvesting and delivery to food markets. They learn agriculture, teamwork, and healthy lifestyles.