Priority 2: Grow Green Jobs
Build and Expand Green Economy

Living in and near the Adirondacks brings a special bond with the wilderness and the perfecting of different skill sets. Like many other parts of rural America, we have an urgent need to fix our roads and bridges, to upgrade the weather-resistant construction of our homes and businesses, and to provide world-class services and opportunities to all our residents.

We also have astonishing potential to leverage our skills and natural resources to grow thriving businesses. More than that, I see that as a region we are making progress generating electricity from renewable sources, the challenge is transportation. I believe New York 21 is uniquely suited to lead the next generation of clean energy through the production of hydrogen fuel.

Green Energy Manufacturing

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it burns clean with no carbon emissions and the by-product is water.

Our national energy policy has been to bury our heads in the sand. Meanwhile, the rest of the industrialized world is investing in hydrogen fuel production.

Switzerland manufactures hydrogen fuel and is building out a network of hydrogen fueling stations. Canada and Australia inked a new partnership for hydrogen production using on-site solar energy. South Korea is about to invest nearly $80 million in hydrogen production. Germany just rolled out the world’s first hydrogen fueled commuter train. China is manufacturing hydrogen fuel in a corridor along the Yangtze River and building the infrastructure for 30,000 hydrogen fueled vehicles. Just last month, 25 European nations pledged to increase the use of hydrogen fuel to power industry, drive cars and heat homes.

We have the opportunity to launch an economic powerhouse in the North Country with decades of new, well-paying Green Energy Manufacturing jobs.

A Vibrant Family Farm Economy

At the same time, we must grow again a vibrant dairy farm economy in upstate New York and address the core problem that federal policies mean dairy farmers are paid less that the Cost of Production. Bankruptcy, damage to our small town economies and loss of local control of our food supply are realities. I have released a plan with four goals:

Goal 1:  Grow Vibrant Family Farm Economy begins with emergency government relief, a $20 floor price for farm milk, and legislative hearings with testimony from working farmers.

Goal 2: Strengthen Community Support and Resources to expand financial community-based services specifically for family farms.

Goal 3:  Strengthen Partnerships with Community, Government and Business to put Adirondack products in New York schools, businesses and markets.

Goal 4: Improve Communication about the crisis in dairy farming, the myths about nut beverages, and the benefits of healthy, unprocessed dairy products.

Boldly Sponsor Legislation to Grow Our Economy

(1) Financial and strategic support for existing Adirondack businesses, especially family farms

(2) Attracting new, green, sustainable businesses to grow local jobs; and a district-wide survey to clarify local needs for workers

(3) Supporting local plans to welcome new families

(4) A focused effort to guarantee hi-speed internet

(5) Lower fees and taxes while eliminating burdensome regulations for new and existing businesses

(6) Develop the Adirondacks as a destination for personal and family well-being.

(7) Put in place job training programs that focus on our unique strengths and address key issues including energy efficiency, hardening our infrastructure, growing a vibrant farm economy and establishing Green Energy Manufacturing in the North Country.