Kahn Stands for 4th Amendment Protections

Oct 26, 2018


October 26, 2018



Schroon Lake, NY – 17 years ago to this day, The USA Patriot Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush. This bill ushered in an extreme national security state which Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump continued and expanded. Congresswoman Stefanik (R-Willsboro) voted for the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments) Act in 2018, granting the U.S. government the right to continue monitoring our text messages, phone calls, internet searches, and more without a warrant.


“Democrats and Republicans, two peas in a pod, voted for this bill violating our 4th Amendment rights that protect us from unreasonable searches,” stated Dr. Lynn Kahn (G-Schroon Lake). “I will boldly stand up for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights to protect our individual freedoms as District 21’s congresswoman.”


The issue of government monitoring our personal information became more visible in June 2013 when Edward Snowden revealed the extensive National Security Agency (NSA) program that went beyond warrantless wiretapping to include metadata of every citizen of the United States - a file of all of our texts, emails and web searches identified by our name.


As more of our lives move into the digital space, warrantless collection of information means we are giving up more of our privacy and more of our rights?


“We have to decide whether our fear is going to get the better of us. Once upon a time we had a standard in our country that was 'innocent until proven guilty.’ We’ve given up so much,” said Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) during a filibuster on the NSA in 2015. “Now, people are talking about a standard that is 'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.’ Think about it. Is that the standard we’re willing to live under?”


Dr. Kahn will defend our constitutional right that stops our government from illegally and consistently searching through our digital activity without obtaining a warrant.