Veteran to Chair VP Search Committee

I am honored to announce that Steve Sanson – President of Veterans in Politics International  – has agreed to be the National Chair of my Vice Presidential Search Committee. Steve’s commitment to our nation has been demonstrated through his leadership and service in the United States Marine Corps in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. He is the President of Veterans In Politics International, a non-partisan group that endorses candidates for elected seats and is a military watchdog for veteran’s rights. I asked him because he is a courageous man of great integrity who understands the complex issues facing all veterans and the strengths and failures of government at all levels. I am committed to choosing a veteran as my running mate; my White House will place qualified veterans in leadership positions throughout all federal departments and agencies. Join me in thanking Steve Sanson for yet again serving his country and his community while adding a unique voice to our efforts to Transform America by Transforming Government.