Press Release 9_13_18 Update Farm Bill and Canada Trade Comments

Sep 13, 2018

Press Release

Green Party Candidate Kahn updates Farm Bill and Canada Trade Comments

Where: Schroon Lake, NY

When: September 13, 2018

What: On August 7, 2018, Green Party candidate Dr. Lynn S Kahn demanded five changes to the 2018 Farm Bill in conference. This release updates her August statement with comments about Canadian trade deals.

The 2018 Farm Bill is a weapon aimed at dairy farming, driving family farm bankruptcies and damaging rural economies. Federal policies set the price of farm milk BELOW the cost of production, a price of $15.50 for a cost of $21.39, guaranteeing extraordinary losses at least seven of the last eight years.

As our government re-negotiates trade deals with Canada, we must resist the temptation to solve America’s dairy crisis by messing in the well-balanced, farmer-supported, supply management system of Canada.

The solution to the US dairy crisis must be found within our borders. American farmers, consumers and legislators must come together to figure out what a milk supply management system looks like in America. US farm policy must balance production, consumer demand, overall supply, fair pricing, and rural economic policies.  

For me, as the Green Party Congressional Candidate in #NY21, the larger context is a sustainable environment and whole-of-government response to changing weather patterns and new growing seasons. My original 5 demands for the current Farm Bill stand:

1: Emergency financial relief with price of farm milk set at $20/hundredweight

2: Legislative hearings on supply management system and add-on dairy fees

3: Legislative hearings on anti-dairy assumptions in farm bills

4: Fund improvements to agriculture infrastructure in rural towns

5: Streamline bureaucracy and fund innovative solutions in transportation, marketing and sale of healthy, local farm products especially in low-income areas

Details: See the Kahn-Cochran article “Saving America’s Family Farms:”

WHO: Called “The Government Mechanic” when she ran for President as an independent candidate in 2016, Dr. Kahn is an organizational psychologist and architect of solutions to complicated problems. She lives in Essex County, New York.

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