Press Release 9_18_18 Green Energy Manufacturing

Sep 18, 2018

Press Release

Green Party Candidate Kahn Delivers Roadmap for Green Energy Manufacturing

Where: Schroon Lake, NY

When: September 18, 2018

What: Green Party Candidate NY-21 Dr. Lynn S Kahn Delivers Roadmap for

Green Energy Manufacturing in the North Country.

Details: On August 15, Dr. Kahn Declared Zero Hour for Mother Earth and released a Roadmap for Bold Climate and Environmental Goals. This statement updates the Roadmap and calls for a Corridor for Green Energy Manufacturing in the North Country.

Environmentally, we have run out of time. Wildfires, droughts, more intense hurricanes, floods, dead fish clogging waterways, new mosquito-borne illnesses and a changing growing season warn us. Burning fossil fuels and overusing chemicals such as PFAS mean a cocktail of poisons pumped daily into our air, land, water, food, medicines and everyday items from stain-resistant carpeting to firefighting foam.

It’s all connected, we are all at risk, and the response must be a coordinated, whole-of-government approach guided by local input. September 8, at St. Lawrence University, Dr. Kahn stated that the transition to green, renewable energy is moving forward in generating electric power: 98% of new capacity uses solar or wind. The challenge is transportation where the US lags Japan, South Korea, Australia and especially China.

New York District 21, the North Country, and the Massena area in particular have extraordinary opportunities for the development and manufacture of clean energy by tapping again the powers of the St. Lawrence River this time with environmental responsibility. Dr. Kahn envisions a corridor of Green Energy Manufacturing in the North Country and highlights the manufacture of hydrogen and hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe (H2O) and burns clean with no emissions. Kahn notes: Success depends on true partnership among communities, seaway and river authorities, power agencies, public lands, land grant farms and tribal lands. My updated road map calls for 6 major actions:

Implement Whole of Government Response to Climate Change

  • Insert climate change responsibilities in mission and measures of all agencies
  • Charter cross-government Climate Accountability Board with citizen participation

Transition to Economy Based on Clean, Renewable Energy

  • Support state-specific plans for transition to clean, renewable energy
  • Divest public funds from fossil fuels; stop subsidies and tax breaks for fossil fuels; hold people, corporations and government responsible for environmental damage they inflict
  • Invest in public jobs that repair and harden our infrastructure, build or retrofit energy efficient housing, and support local preparations for weather disasters
  • Build partnerships in New York to invest in research, development and manufacturing of clean, sustainable energy and hydrogen fuel production along the St. Lawrence River