Press Release 9_7_18 Road Map to Stop Everyday Poisons

Sep 07, 2018

PRESS RELEASE Road Map for Everyday Poisons

Green Party Congressional Candidate Kahn Delivers Roadmap for “Everyday Poisons”
Where: Cambridge, NY, in the Gazebo, near the Library
When: September 7, 2018, 12:30 PM
What: Green Party Congressional Candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn condemns Everyday Poisons and PFAS and delivers Roadmap for change

On August 15, in Massena New York, I declared Zero Hour for Mother Earth and released a Roadmap to achieve bold climate change goals. Protecting and repairing our environment has two tracks: responding to climate change and getting the poisons out of our everyday lives. Both tracks require a whole-of-government approach.

From many sources, poisons and toxic chemicals seep into our water, soil, air, food, medicines, and far too many everyday items. Then we find them in our bodies as we battle the horrible health effects of all these toxins. In addition, as weather patterns change and more intense storms batter our neighborhoods, poorly secured containers, especially at oil refineries and chemical plants, release cancer-causing pollutants that join untreated sewage that flood streets and homes. Without attention, we can expect the same public health problems from more intense storms again and again.

The class of chemicals called PFOA and PFOS are a tragic example of the overwhelming presence of toxic chemicals in our lives. PFAS was mixed into Teflon-plated frying pans, and similar chemicals now go into stain-resistant carpeting, water-resistant clothes, and firefighting foam and gear. The health impacts include birth defects, delayed child development and multiple childhood and adult cancers. PFAS chemicals were recently found in public drinking water in 34 sites in Michigan, and even right here in Cambridge. Unlike the poisonous levels of lead in Flint’s water, PFAS contamination likely occurs over decades.

As a Congressional candidate, I release this roadmap for Eliminating Everyday Poisons:

Immediate Actions

  • Immediate and full disclosure by government and corporate entities of PFAS and related chemicals, sources and health effects, in a format to share with impacted communities
  • The federal government regulate chemical compounds as a class and provide health protections at lowest international standard

Whole-of-Government Response to Everyday Poisons

  • Put “Manage Everyday Poisons” in the mission and performance measures of all agencies
  • Build partnerships to fund cleanup, mitigation, long-term health and wellness services, research
  • Demand polluter accountability
  • Charter citizen-government Everyday Poisons Accountability Board
  • Totally reinvent how we test, set standards and mitigate classes and interactions of toxins in our water, food, soil, air, workplace, medicines and all equipment

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