Tonight I Declared US Ceasefire and Peace Talks Across America

Oct 01, 2016

Transcript of my declaration on October 1 2016.  I call for a ceasefire in the United States and peace talks all across America

We are in trouble my fellow citizens – our government of the people has failed We the People. Our two-party system is morally bankrupt and financially corrupt. Our political leaders will not work together in service to America. Our media has silenced the voices and stomped on the wisdom of independent candidates and in this way colluded in the breakdown of justice and well being in our beautiful republic.

We are in trouble America. We have lost our way and our pain and fears have turned to so much anger and rage that this could all too easily lead to civil war. So I say this:

I call for a ceasefire in the United States and the start of peace talks all across America – I call for this ceasefire and these peace talks to start in law enforcement.

FIRST: There are 17000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and I ask every one to talk face-to-face among yourselves about police violence – talk with one goal – what is the ONE ACTION TO REDUCE POLICE VIOLENCE. And then after you have talked internally among yourselves - I call on each of these 17000 law enforcement agencies to participate in peace talks in your community – I ask our faith-based organizations to convene peace talks with citizens and law enforcement agencies – goal is always WHAT IS THE ONE ACTION YOU CAN TAKE TO SUPPORT THE US CEASEFIRE to REDUCE VIOLENCE or BUILD PEACE in your community?

SECOND: Not just law enforcement – I call for this ceasefire and peace talks in all school systems at all levels. Our EDUCATION systems are creating violence – US Department of EDUCATION has failed our nation for decades and our school systems teach violence not cooperation - too much violence bullying sexual harassment - too much just plain meanness - too many schools use suspensions and expulsions and police to deal with failures of education – taking failures of US education system out on our children.

Stop - stand down and have the same discussions first among teachers and school administrators and then with students and families: WHAT IS ONE ACTION to SUPPORT THE US CEASEFIRE or REDUCE VIOLENCE or BUILD PEACE in your school?

THIRD: Third place for ceasefires and peace talks is in all our federal government departments and agencies- you have broken faith with the American people - you have destroyed our trust – talk about how violence that flows from our failed government.

Our failed government that is poisoning our air land waters our food and our medicines. Our failed government creates poverty and injustice and racism and mass incarceration and domestic violence and wars that do not have to be fought and so much student debt our children have lost faith in the future of our nation. I call for a ceasefire and the start of peace talks in every government agency – Talk about why the American people believe government lies to us all the time and why American people believe our government is destroying America – Same goal: WHAT IS THE ONE ACTION TO RESTORE TRUST in YOUR AGENCY?

[SHOW PEACEMAKING BOOK] I’ve written 3 books – two about government reform and this one Peacemaking: A Systems Approach to n Conflict Management in 1988. I have been thinking about and writing about and doing the work of peacebuilding for more than 30 years. All that time I carry this with me: I believe in power of face-to-face dialog – I believe solutions are all around us we just have to sit down face-to-face and talk about shared solutions to shared problems. I know this to be true - peacebuilders are working every level every domain in every conflict zone around the world including every community here at home – we must empower our peacebuilders to restore our communities and our nation.

I believe the election of 2016 can launch an Age of Peacebuilding – OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON THIS --  I call for a US ceasefire and the start of peace talks all across America.

Dr. Lynn Sandra Kahn

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